The Deluxe Forged Cutlery Collection

Every knife in the Collection offers the deluxe features found in professional level cutlery made by leading knifemakers around the world.
the collection


Collect Them All!

  • Be sure to collect the entire set. Once you have these knives in your kitchen you will soon discover a secret that all professional chefs understand: When you are preparing food, choosing the right type of cooking knife for each cutting job can make all the difference. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, it is important to have the right knife for the right task. Let the Cooking Pleasures Deluxe Forged Cutlery Collection bring this experience into your home.



All the knives in the collection include…

  •  High carbon stainless steel blades that stay sharp and resist rust, corrosion and stains.
  •  Double forged blades for strength, long life and edge-holding capabilities.
  •  Full tang construction for strength, stability and balance.
  •  Triple riveted break-resistant ABS handles for a lifetime of durability.
  •  Virtually indestructible synthetic handles that won’t splinter, stain or harbor bacteria.
  •  Ergonomically shaped and molded handles for a comfortable grip.
Santoku Knife
Blade length: 7"
The knife’s flat blade is highly effective for chopping, slicing and dicing, and allows for greater leverage, almost working like a cleaver. Dimples on the sides eliminate sticking.
Carving Knife
Blade length: 8"
The long slender blade and curved cutting edge allows for cutting perfect thin slices of lunch meat and wide cuts of roast beef, ham and turkey.
Tomato Knife
Blade length: 4.5"
The serrated edge slices through the tough skin of all sorts of fruits without ripping or tearing the exterior and without squashing the delicate fruit inside.
Chef Knife
Blade length: 8"
An all-purpose German-style knife for chopping, slicing and mincing. The side of the blade can be used for crushing garlic and soft spices.

Medium Chef Knife
Blade length: 6"
Similar to the classic chef’s knife. It’s compact size is perfect for smaller items. It’s just right for dozens of kitchen tasks, especially when speed and agility are needed.
Utility Knife
Blade length: 5.25"
A great general purpose knife that’s a perfect choice for slicing anything from herbs and shallots to veggies. It is perfect for dicing or mincing and gives you excellent control for all your cutting tasks.
Serrated Knife
Blade length: 8"
Cleanly and quickly slices bread with a gentle back and forth motion. It’s also perfect for slicing fruits with skin that tear or bruise easily.
Boning Knife
Blade length: 5.25"
This knife is designed for the delicate process of separating meat and bones quickly and efficiently. The special shape of its stiff blade allows you to pierce flesh and then follow the contours of the bone.
Paring Knife
Blade length: 3.5"
A smaller knife with a plain edge blade that is ideal for small or intricate work such as peeling and coring. You can use it to de-vein shrimp, remove seeds from a jalapeño and small garnishes.
Sharpening Steel
Keep your knives sharp for optimal cutting performance and safety. A sharp knife cuts cleanly and quickly, whereas a dull knife cuts poorly and is more likely to slip.
Steak Knives –
Set of 6 with a wooden block.
Use as a dining knife when
meats are served.
In-Drawer Knife Storage Block